Thursday, June 14, 2018

First day of pre school

Working in childcare for many years I said my children would never go to nursery at least until they can tell me everything. True to my word Shane didn't go to pre school until he was three. I will be ready by then........How wrong was I.

Morning pre school 8.45-11.45 a whole three hours, what will I do with my time, I haven't had that much time on my own in three years! Well for anyone wondering three hours flies by, especially when you get chatting to the other mums!

We have just moved to the area and know no one. Its a scary daunting thing standing outside the school gate with the other mums. We've all heard the stories of the school mums haha!! Shane is so excited and I'm feeling sick, sad and so emotional, but I wont show him, I put on my brave mummy face.

What if no one likes Shane? What if I embarrass him? What if he has a threenager temper tantrum, yes they all do it even the perfect ones have tantrums! Shane has never been left with anyone, anywhere how will he cope with it all, sharing and joining in. I'm a wreck.

Shane is so excited, "look mummy its all my new friends" his little face lights up.

He is straight in and playing, here it comes I've got to say goodbye, "Shane, mummy has to go now but I'll be back soon, you have fun", I'm scared what reaction will I get? "OK bye mummy see you soon"...................That's it.

Now don't get me wrong I'm pleased he is happy to stay and play, for the first time ever without me, but not a tear or anything, really! He does look up from the home corner as if to say really mum you're going, for a split second, and then back into play.

Mummy on the other hand, well I have to literally run from the classroom in a teary mess. I phone my mum and we both cry.

I pick him up later and he is full of joy so happy and cant wait to go again tomorrow, my baby boy has grown up.

Best decision ever, we have both made some of the best friends.

I now have to prepare for full time big school, tissues ready! 

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